Stefan Borst-Censullo

Lead political strategist, lobbyist, attorney

Stefan Borst-Censullo is an attorney, public policy expert and writer based out of Long Beach, California. Borst-Censullo is a proud alumnus of Brandeis University where he studied contemporary West African Politics, the African Diaspora, and systemic effects of de jure racial discrimination in American society. He received his Juris Doctorate from Whittier Law School, where he specialized in Children’s Rights and issues related to welfare policy.

Borst-Censullo came into the world of cannabis reform after years of community activism in and around Long Beach. His work as a Legislative Director for the City of Long Beach included crafting legislation for universal access to pre-k, liberalizing regulations around micro-breweries, and expanding the rights of homeless residents. He has also worked as an opposition researcher/political strategist since 2012, providing him unmatched insight into the esoteric world of local politics throughout Southern California. He is also a prolific blogger with published work in Vice, Wonkette, and Bitter Empire.

Borst-Censullo’s main focus of lobbying is grounded in his experience assisting clients in the emerging world of commercial cannabis. He views the legal cannabis industry as a “well-funded social justice movement.” He seeks to apply his diverse range of experiences into a vigorous effort to end the drug war through carefully-crafted legislation, disciplined campaigning, and effective advocacy for all those who have suffered from prohibition. He spends every moment he can with his wife Molly and daughter in Long Beach, where they are either running on the beach or relaxing alongside their beloved menagerie of rescued pets.